About Seville Cleaners

Seville Cleaners took over the original Frontier Cleaners operation late in 2017. If you are a current customer of the store we will always do whatever it takes to keep your business. If you are a former customer and want to know what’s going on, please know that we’ve made significant changes and improvements to our service and operations. If you’re a new customer – then welcome, we’re glad you found us!!

About the Owner

Andy Bermudez took over the operations near the end of 2017 and renamed the business Seville Cleaners.  Andy had previous experience owning a successful cleaners in the Tampa, FL area under the same name and brings that experience here to San Antonio.  Andy is a very active owner and can almost always be found at one of his three locations.  He is involved in every phase of his operation, from greeting his customers and taking in their orders to the dry cleaning itself.  Andy is especially active in the assembly area, where the orders are put together and quality inspection is performed.

Before beginning his career in dry cleaning, Andy followed an interesting and rewarding path that formed the values and discipline that have helped him achieve success in business.  After growing up in the Los Angeles area Andy joined the US Navy.  Then, after completing his tour of duty with the Navy, he joined the sheriff’s department in San Diego county. Ultimately Andy decided he wanted to own his own business so he retired from law enforcement and moved to Florida to purchase a franchise.  Then, even as he and his wife ran their successful business, Andy felt compelled to return to service after the events of 9/11.  He had heard that Homeland Security needed help so he signed up for a two-year stint, traveling around the country to train and federalize this new and expanded force.  

In his spare time Andy still likes to hit the shooting range as well as go to the movies and discover the great food that San Antonio has to offer with his wife Olga.  If it’s your first time visiting Seville please ask for Andy so that he can welcome you to his store.